Santa Isla is an expression of love for where I was born - Colombia, a magical place with magical peoples. When I discovered the work of the
Embera Chami in late 2012, I knew very little about them but the moment I wore a necklace I felt connected and I needed more. 


The Embera Chami wove me closer to my roots and for that I am grateful. I learned about their struggles, but more importantly, I learned that with conviction in who you are and patience with yourself, you can make magic.


Much like the beads that make up each piece we are all interconnected. Together we create art, culture and experiences that adorn and define who we are. Santa Isla aims to retell the stories of the Embera Chami in a way that is easy for others to show and share. 


Take a look around and enjoy. If you have any questions or want to customize a piece feel free to drop me a line · hola@santaisla.com 

with love & consciousness,


‡ wax palm trees in Valle Del Cocora, Colombia

photography | Diego Mora

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